Landing page

Simple creation of an event landing page for registration and payment.

Email marketing

Send personalized emails with permissions, agenda and schedule.

Printing of accreditation

Design and print personalized badges with bar codes, QR codes, RFID codes.

Fast digital check-in

Eliminate cues with UHF RFID towers that can record more than 10 attendees at a time.

Real time attendees tracking

Monitor attendee movement on location in real-time.

Marketing automation

Connect with our marketing automation tool for personalised communication before and after the event.

IDConference consist of 3 components




An online platform that allows you to easily set up a landing page with online registration and payment options for participants. It provides database management and activity monitoring, export of participant lists, preparation of reports and much more.

Attendee Movement Data with our “smart” equipment – RFID stations that track and record accreditation through the Ultra High Frequency. This will allow for fast registration, monitoring and recording of the movement of participants.

Attendee Relationship Management for basic segmentation of contacts, personalization of communication and marketing automation (email marketing, telephone marketing, landing pages, pop-ups, etc.).

years of experiences

Smart & Cashless Payment Solutions

IDConference is easily connected with a payment option via a prepaid card provided by SmartGifty. Offer your attendees a prepaid payment card, that enables them to a convenient, fast and cash-less payments at the event and provide them an excellent customer experience.

EventIDmat and our Marketing Automation tool

EventIDmat is one of the components of IDconference and can be used in combination with other components or independently. It is and Attendee Relationship Management with a basic CRM system for segmentation of contacts and personalised communication. It is easily connected with our marketing automation tool to make your website experience better and more personal, your communication with leads more relevant and on point and to increase brand loyalty and build a stronger relationship with your visitors, leads and customers.

Connect data from registration form
Connect your online event registration form with our tool and stop exporting and importing attendee data.
Attendee relationship managament
Keep your list of attendees up to date, segment event visitors into groups and qualify leads with points.
Personalise communication
Adjust and adapt communication to your leads based on their points or segments to provide them the right information at the right time.
Automate campaigns
Create automated email campaigns with a user friendly email and campaign builder to save time, money and decrees human error.
Track and record
Record your attendee activity before, during and after the event and adjust to their interaction accordingly to give them the best experience possible.

Looking for a custom solution?

We can adapt our solutions to provide you with a personalised, custom platform that can grow with your business, from simple landing pages for events to complex CLIP solutions, which lead to increased customer loyalty, greater brand awareness, increased traffic and consequently profits. Discover our Customer Loyalty Integration Processes or contact us for more information.