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Fully digitalized and user friendly, with all you need is internet access, username and password.

Multi location

Initially developed for shopping centres and adapted for all multi location companies.


Full transparency as all amounts and purchases in all locations are recorded in real time, 24 / 7. 


API integrations and web sites connections are possible and can be customised to your needs. 

Boost traffic and spenditure

Customer oriented, highly sought-after product.

Increase satisfaction and loyalty

You, your customers and tenants get more.

Raise brand awareness

New product to boost marketing efforts.

Not just a Gift Card.

It can also be a Loyalty Card.

Allongside gift card managament, SmartGifty also offers a simple way to start doing loyalty programs. A loyalty module can include cash back, point collection and more. It provides an insight into customer behaviour and a possibility for a better & personalized communication with customers.

Connecting multi stores and locations with one gift card

Start using a fully digitalised gift card solution for shopping centres and multi-location businesses, creating added value for everybody involved: gift givers and recipients, shopping centres and retailers, shops, cafes & restaurants. SmartGifty allows your customers total gift-giving and gift-spending freedom and provides you with an effective, transparent, secure and easy to implement marketing and purchases clearing tool. 

Connect SmartGifty and our Marketing Automation tool

If you are a multi location business and you are looking to implement a gift card or loyalty program for you customers, make sure you connect these solution with an efficient marketing automation tool to personalise communication with your tenants and increase their brand experience. With our marketing automation tool you get a simple and user friendly contact management system, an email, landing page and pop-up builder and a tool to automate your marketing activities.

Simple contact managament
Keep your list of loyalty members up to date, segment members into groups, tag specific contacts and qualify leads with points.
Personalise communication
Adjust and adapt communication to your leads based on their points or segments to provide them the right information at the right time.
Automate campaigns
Create automated email campaigns with a user friendly email and campaign builder to save time, money and decrees human error.
Track and record
Keep track of your loyalty members activity and adjust to them accordingly. Record their interaction and reward them regularly.

Not sure if our gift card management solution is for you? 

We are experts in custom solutions, that can be developed and tailored especially for you. With integration of services and the latest technologies we can help you grow from simple gift card solutions to personalised, complex CLIP solutions, which lead to increased customer loyalty, greater brand awareness, increased traffic and consequently profits. Discover our Customer Loyalty Integration Processes or contact us for more information.