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What is Marketing Automation and why use it?

Marketing automation is the automation of repetitive marketing processes to make your website experience better and more personal, your communication with leads more relevant and on point and to increase brand loyalty and build a stronger relationship with your visitors, leads and customers.

Save time, reduce costs and decrease human errors. Provide a personalized experience to everybody who comes in contact with your brand and optimize your marketing strategy by automating marketing tasks such as email marketing.

your online audience, create the right content, and automatically trigger actions based on schedules and customer behavior.
services such as application forms, email marketing, text messaging, social media monitoring, online notifications, CRM integration and more.
contacts, nurture and score leads, as well as measure total return on investment - ROI in your marketing campaigns.

Mautic as a Smart Option

Mautic is the world’s popular open-source software for marketing automation, which allows security audits of the code at any time. Mautic was developed in the PHP programming language and uses a MySQL database. So, this is the classic open-source LAMP stack which makes it flexible, adaptable and tailored to your business. It is also GDPR compliant. IP addresses can be anonymized and user data can be deleted. Don’t worry, we take care of setting up the opt-ins and campaigns in a privacy-compliant way.

Marketing automation
in connection with our solution

We make Mautic smart by connecting it with our solutions for event and gift card management. We took the open-source software and adapted it to our developed solutions to increase customer loyalty with a user-friendly lead management tool. We can adapt the marketing automation tool even further – to your business and needs.

Marketing automation
as a solo player

Mautic works great as a basic CRM system, email marketing tool and forms, pop-up & custom landing page provider. Even if you are not using SmartGifty or IDConference, you will benefit from it. No matter the industry and your company size, you can build campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers at the right time and in the right way.

We customise, consult and support!