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We are a team of experts, who share a passion for disruptive technology and a vision of new digital landscape.

Our central theme is identification supported with SW solutions, as its pillar. We help you identify, solve and understand problems concerning all kind of identification and offer support with SW solutions in different industry fields.

To help define and solve problems, increase customer experience and offer support with our current software solutions or custom solution depending on your need. 

We want to help you grow and achieve your goals!
To become a leading partner of businesses all over Europe in the field of identification technologies and expand our knowledge and solutions to a worldwide stage.

Digitalization is the future, we believe in!
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Our Team

Jurij Triller, CEO

Tomaž Jurich, CTO

Blaž Lanišek, RFID specialist and Head of projects

Rok Kambič, Head of development

Nika Horvat & Samo Gaberšek, Marketing

Other Mentors, Developers and Free spirits…

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