Most Frequent Questions

What we do?

Smart Octopus Solutions is a company that offers a wide variety of solutions and services.

We specialise in Gift Card Management, Event Management, Marketing Automation and custom solutions for loyalty programs, RFID technologies and more.


Which solution is appropriate for me?

For Gift Card Management you can use Smartgifty. SmartGifty is also perfect if you are a multi location business, looking for a cash back loyalty program for you customers.

For Event Management we recommend you our IDConference. It has 3 components for online and offline attendee management that can be used in combination or independently. All of them can also be connected with the platforms you are already using. 

Regarding the marketing automation, we customise, consult and support with Mautic.

We can also offer you custom personalized solutions for loyalty programs and RFID technologies. 

Why work with us?

Because we believe in transparency and honesty. We consider our clients our partners and we are committed to see them grow. 

Quality solutions | our solutions meet quality standards and can be customized to your needs.

Ready ID Solutions | we offer a comprehensive range of ID solutions to meet your business needs.

Easy-to-Use | our interfaces are easy to use and are designed to give all users a great experience.

Excellent Support | from setup to live action we will give you a full support on the way.

Can I use these solutions together or separately?

While our solutions work separately, we advise our partners to use SmartGifty / IDConference with Marketing Automation, to create an even better experience for your customers and attendees. 

What is SmartGifty?

SmartGifty is a fully digitalised gift card solution for shopping centres and multi-location businesses, creating added value for everybody involved: gift givers and recipients, shopping centres and retailers, shops, caffes & restaurants.

What is IDConference?

IDConference is an event management solution that allows you to create an event landing page, manage, track and analyse attendee movement at the event in real time, send personalized automated messages and much more.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is automation of repetitive marketing processes which makes your relationship with customers more personal.

It is perfect for saving time, reducing costs decreasing human errors and much more. 

What are custom personalized solutions development?

In between our experiences in identification technologies, internal development team and marketing knowledge, we can offer you technical and content support while developing a customised solution just for you. 

We have developed a comprehensive custom loyalty program for one of our clients in tourism and we specialize in solutions connected with RFID technology. Some of our projects are Tool Cart project, Heat mapping and Attendees tracking.

// support

Our support team will always assist you, if a problem occurs!

You can contact us on our phone number: +386 30 719 888 or by email: info@sos-sw.si